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Get the Facts! Horse-Report takes the work out of finding the best horse information available.

Ever tried to find horse information on the internet only to discover a lot of useless information or page after page of nothing but advertising? If you find this as frustrating as I do you've come to the right place.

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Research shows that most people stop looking for information on a topic after viewing about the 20th web page. If you entered the search term "horse health" in the Google search engine today you would get over 23 million results! It takes a lot of time or a lot of luck to find all the best information, so you stick with a couple of sites you're already familiar with even though the best information for your equine may be found somewhere else. Who has the time?

Well, I do, actually, and I'm going to draw from a variety of the best sources, not just websites, but forums, printed materials, interviews, and form synopses of the information so you can find the top experts of their fields with as little effort as possible, and get back to riding!

This site continues to grow on a daily basis. If you don't find what you're looking for today please bookmark this site and come back again. Happy Trails.

Horse Names
Not just another alphabetical list of horse names! These are grouped by theme, and aim to entertain!
Horse Boarding Stables
Are you considering a horse boarding stables for your favorite equine? It could be the best thing for both you and your horse.
Horse Boarding in Los Angeles County on the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Looking for horse boarding in Los Angeles County? Explore this equestrian island on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Horse Health
Product reviews and information on where to find the latest articles on horse health
Horse Gift Search Engine
Use this awesome custom search engine to find the perfect Horse Gift!
My story of my horse diagnosed with navicular and how we fought back
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