Equestrian Trails Inc., A California Horse Club

equestrian trails inc horse and  jump

Jessica Nichols and her horse, Starbuck, standing next to the 5'1" jump they cleared to win their Equestrian Trails Inc. horse show class, Chase Me Charlie

Equestrian Trails Inc., (ETI), is a horse club headquartered in Sylmar, CA, in the greater Los Angeles area. It was started in 1944 with the declared purpose of preserving equestrian trails, promoting good horsemanship, and backing pro-equestrian legislation. ETI is not affiliated with the much larger United States Equestrian Federation. Its 3000 members, divided into 36 local chapters called corrals, participate in a wide variety of equestrian activities throughout the state of California. Each corral is free to pursue whatever particular interests its members desire and the May 2008 issue of Equestrian Trails Magazine reveals what a wide variety of interests they have. Horse shows, trail rides, gymkhanas, poker rides, horseback riding camps, campouts, carriage driving clinics, cow working clinics, dressage shows, parades, and more horse shows are all found in the calendar of coming events. There are also a variety of other events such as trail maintenance and barbeque/swim parties. The parent body, Equestrian Trails Inc., sponsors and stages some of the events, but local chapters host their own events. ETI keeps track of points earned during the year's competitions and bestows awards on those winning the most points. Corrals may make awards for their own local shows.

horse jumping in equestrian trails inc show

Equestrians can start their own corral with at least 15 members, 10 of which must be over the age of 18 and dues, of course. One of the advantages of association with Equestrian Trails, Inc. is the opportunity to purchase low cost insurance for equine events. You may also elect to join as a "member at large" which entitles you to participate in any of the corrals' activities and the monthly magazine, though does not include the voting privileges of regular members.

Corral 8 is the local corral for the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This corral's raison d'etre is hosting entry level horse shows aimed at welcoming young equestrians into the show arena. It has approximately 100 members most of which are under 18 years old. Corral 8 hosts 5 shows a year, and though the schedule may change from year to year the shows tend to start in April and finish in September. These are English shows, but western riders are welcome. You don't have to be a regular member of ETI Corral 8 to compete in the classes, but there is an additional fee if you're not a member. The corral holds monthly meetings focused on planning the next show. As you can imagine, hosting five shows a year requires a lot of work and volunteers are always welcome. You may watch any of the shows for free. Details of the next competition can be found on Corral 8's website through the link above.

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