French Horse Names

French carriage

Please enjoy the following French horse names.

I lived in France when I was little and have wonderful memories of many things French, including some cherry tarts the likes of which I've never tasted since, so I understand well the desire to capture some French flare in a horse's name. Still, you should consider this when naming your horse something from a language most people around you don't speak. The charm of your exotic name may wear thin after having to correct the pronunciation or spelling over and over. With that in mind the following should be considered French Lite. That is it's French that most English speakers have been exposed to and will probably understand, even though they don't speak French.

A La Mode in the fashion
Beau handsome
Bon Vivant referring to one with refined tastes especially in food and drink
Bordeaux a city
Eclair a French pastry
Ensemble together
Entre Nous between us
Jolie pretty, use this spelling when referring to a female
Madame Lady or Mrs.
Mademoiselle Miss
Magnifique magnificent or beautiful
Mais Oui but of course
Marseille a city
Mon Amour my love
Mon Cher my dear
Monsieur Mister or Sir
Notre Dame our lady
Roulette a game of chance
Toujours always
Tout De Suite immediately
Vive La Différence usually celebrating the difference between men and women
Vive La France long live France
Voila here or here it is

I do not usually include human names in my horse names lists, but I'm going to make an exception here. I have not included all names used in French, obviously. I have chosen only those that are easily recognized as being French. They can be used with titles such as Monsieur Pierre or with the word my as in Mon Jacques or Ma Colette. (Use mon for masculine names and ma for feminine names.)

for males:

Dominique same for a female

for females:


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