Horse Boarding
Essential Elements to a Successful Boarding Facility
Food Glorious Food

sorrel pony under saddle

Food for Thought

Horse boarding is an entertainment business. When was the last time you went to a commercial entertainment venue where no food was available? When was the last time you were invited to a social event with no food? I'm not suggesting you need to become a short order cook, but remember: There are easy answers to enhancing this part of your business.

Make it Happen. Here’s how.

Refrigerator The simplest answer may be just to offer a refrigerator and pest-proof cabinet in which boarders can store their own snacks.
Drink Machines Many stables have drink machines. Have you asked for your boarders' input? Do you have a soda machine, when everyone at your barn really prefers fruit juice?
Snack Sales I've seen barns that offer snacks to kids on a cashless basis where parents authorize a certain amount to be added to the monthly board bill for snacks. Get input from parents.
Outsourcing Perhaps there is someone in your area that would like the opportunity to provide food for sale at a particular time of day which would require no effort on your part, but would enhance what you offer as part of your entertainment package.

This is a series of articles on the business model for boarding horses. If you reached this page via a search engine follow this link to the first in the series on horse boarding.

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