Horse Boarding
Essential Elements to a Successful Boarding Facility

mares and foals running

Horse Boarding is an entertainment business--not an agricultural business. We all want to remember the fun times in life. Here's a great opportunity to enhance entertainment value and another opportunity for marketing material for your barn.

Make it Happen. Here's How.

Snap Your Own You don't have to be Annie Leibovitz to take great pictures that people will love. Print them out and pin them on the bulletin board, or put them online on your website or a photosharing site like or .
Outsource It If you don't have a good eye for photography a local amateur photographer may be willing to take pictures at events in return for the opportunity to sell some of them, perhaps sharing profits with you.
Hold a Contest How about holding a photo contest among the boarders? Invite participants post their pictures on your website or a photosharing site.

This is a series of short articles on the business model of horse boarding. If you reached this page via a search engine follow this link to the beginning of the article.

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