Keeping Your Equine at a Horse Boarding Stables Can Enhance Your Riding Experience

Keeping your horse at a horse boarding stables: I know many people who have the ability to stable their horse at home who opt to board their horse. There are some great advantages to this arrangement:

This paint horse relaxes in cross ties at a boarding stables.

paint horse relaxing in cross ties at a boarding stables

Infrastructure: Lighted arenas, equipment to maintain footing, round pens, wash racks, all cost money to erect and maintain. Horse stables often are able to provide these advantages to many when it would be cost prohibitive for a smaller number of equestrians. If you are interested in horse jumping you would need to maintain all of your jumps and rails as well as arrange for a coach to come and train you. All this can be avoided once you are boarding at an appropriate boarding facility. A boarding facility that caters to jumpers could provide all this for you.

Social network for you: The most common answer I get when I ask why a rider doesn't keep her horse at her house is because she enjoys the social advantage boarding stables offer riders. We keep horses for the fun of it. Riding is much more enjoyable when you can share it with others.

A familiar routine when you're away: Horse boarding stables offer a dependable routine for your horse. If you have to travel or work keeps you from attending to your horse on time every day you can rely on the barn for care your horse has learned to time to the second. Horses don't like change.

Help with a sick horse: Nursing an equine injury or illness can require huge chunks of time and a practiced hand. Experienced help can be most welcome on these occasions.

Educational opportunities: Stables often offer training and riding lessons with experienced instructors to improve our skills and our horse's performance.

Boarding Horses is an Entertainment Business!

Here is what you should be looking for in a stables if you're a boarder and what you should be striving for if you run a stables.
Ambiance is essential for a successful entertainment venue. Follow this link to explore this idea.
‣Humans are social animals. Don't underestimate the importance of social networking.
Food is an important part of our entertainment. Here are some thoughts on how to incorporate it into your business.
Photos are a great way to enhance the entertainment value of your business.
‣Remember this business is all about entertaining people. Here are some essential tips on managing boarders.

Horse Boarding in Los Angeles County on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

On a personal note, I have moved several times with my horses. When we decided to move to California I was uneasy about looking for horse boarding in Los Angeles county. I was surprised to find the old west isn't entirely gone. Follow this link for information on horse boarding stables in Los Angeles County on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

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