Horse Boarding
Essential Elements to a Successful Boarding Facility
The Business Model

a picturesque boarding stable

a beautiful place to board your horse

Horse Boarding Stables -- the business model.

I've moved around a bit with my horses, have boarded at more than a handful of barns around the county, and looked at many more. I have been surprised to find how many boarding facilities operators have missed the mark when it comes to following the proper business model. What so many stables managers fail to see is that this is an entertainment business. The business boarding facilities should be trying to emulate is Disneyland, not Meadow Farm. People spend money on horses to entertain themselves! If they don't feel better after having visited the barn than they did when they arrived they have just wasted their entertainment dollars; and I don't need to tell a horse owner that it's not a cheap form of entertainment. Boarding stables are often run like they are agriculture businesses. They are not. We don't raise horses for food or other byproducts; and we don't need them for transportation. We do this for fun.


Here are the essentials of what you should be concentrating on as a horse horse boarding stables manager or what you should be looking for if you're a boarder.

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