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This is a horse health search engine I have created to search only authoritative sites. I love being able to search the internet. So much information is available to us that would have been nearly impossible, and certainly impracticable to obtain before the invention of the internet and search engines; however, when we search Google, and other large search engines, we inevitably get many more search results than we can sift through; and often we find that some of the results are just trying to sell us something. Further, there is a disturbing number of people who are giving medical advice, in this case for horses, that have no educational or professional background in equine medicine. Mind you some of these people are publishing on rather large horse-themed websites, that have created an air of authority. I'm all for capitalism, and the internet is a great place to shop, but sometimes I'm looking for free information, from someone who really knows the answer, so here it is.

This search box searches only websites created by governments, universities, veterinary professional organizations and veterinarians. You can further refine your search by limiting the results to one of these categories.

I'd love your help in expanding this search. Remember we're looking for information from veterinarians that would fall into the categories listed above.

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