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Great New Disease Tracking Map

Horse health care has made some huge advances in recent years and this information is readily available to horse owners online. Take for example Google Maps new map of diseases. Though primarily designed for human disease mapping it includes animal diseases, and in July of 2008 included mapping of outbreaks of strangles, eastern equine encephalitis, equine flu, West Nile virus, rabies, tetanus, and "other animal disease." The system is designed to map disease outbreaks through news feeds. Markers show the location of the infection. The shape of the marker is designed to indicate country level or local level, though I must say, I am unclear whether that means the source of the information of comes from national or local sources or something else. Their annotation said that this feature is evolving so perhaps a clearer explanation is forthcoming. The markers are color coded yellow changing to red, red denoting the most recent, most number of cases, and the most number of reports on a particular disease. The user can alter the news feeds, the dates searched, the disease, and the location to customize their particular search. Of course, this system does not map every single case. It can only map disease reported in the newsfeeds it searches, still it is a remarkable tool for horse owners to keep abreast of equine disease in their area or in an area to which they might be considering travel. Follow this link to try this new tool for horse health information.

Horse Health Search Engine

Want information from veterinary sources only? Here it is. Follow this link to get horse health information from a custom search engine that searches only websites published by universities, veterinarians, governments or veterinary organizations.

Poisonous Horses

I know that seems like an odd title, but people are undoubtedly nervous when they think their horse has been poisoned and they need help, so that's what most people type in for their search--so Poisonous Horses it is. This page has links to helpful information when you suspect something has poisoned your horse.

Horse Supplements

Hold your horses! Check out this information on Garlic Supplement for Horses

Equine Melanoma

If you are battling this disease with your horse I do wish you the very best. I think it always helps to talk to someone who hasn't just been there, done that, but is there and doing that. Follow this link for equine melanoma to Annie's website where she will share her story about her Arabian, Wintersett (aka Whinny), and their quest for treatment. She and Wintersett have tried some new therapies about which you may have questions. Annie has generously offered to field questions, so be sure to write her a note if you want more information. Best wishes.

Product Reviews

If your horse has an eye injury or other eye problem the Eye Saver mask can be an excellent tool to protect the eye during recovery.

Need supplies? Follow this link to Pamperd Paws for supplies for all your pets.

Dominion Veterinary Laboratories has a wide spectrum of products for the livestock industry. More than 100 drug formulas continually contribute to the high standards of both Canadian and international agricultural industries. Dominion has a history of inventing horse health & livestock supplies.

Have some fun with Horse-Report's horse names page.