Equestrian Trails Magazine, including Horseback Riding in Los Angeles County

Cover of Equestrian Trails Magazine

Equestrian Trails is the official publication of Equestrian Trails, Inc., also known as ETI. The May 2008 issue has about 46 pages of text and black and white photos, the lion's share of which is information on events, future and past, sponsored by ETI. You'll find calendars of upcoming equestrian events, (both for ETI sponsored events and non-ETI events), articles about past events, including pictures of participants and their horses, show premiums for upcoming shows, registration forms for upcoming events, corral news (ETI calls local chapters corrals) and a few advertisements for equestrian property for sale, horses for sale, horse tack for sale, horse boarding, horse training and other equine-related services.

If you are looking for information about horseback riding in Los Angeles County this would be a great resource. There are several active ETI Corrals around Los Angeles that participate in a variety of equestrian activities. The magazine also includes contact information for ETI members. If you are looking for horse boarding in Los Angeles county I believe the main value of this magazine would be to provide a list of contacts who might be able to tell you more about boarding opportunities around their neighborhood. I did see an ad or two for horse boarding, but Equestrian Trails covers all of California so ads are not focused on any one area.

Equestrian Trails is distributed free at local feed and tack stores like Lomita Feed and Rolling Hills General Store.