Horseback Riding
On the Palos Verdes Peninsula
In Dapplegray Ring

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Horseback riding on the Palos Verdes Peninsula: The Dapplegray Ring is located in Dapplegray Park on the northwest corner of Palos Verdes Dr. North and Palos Verdes Dr. East. It is open to the public. Here you can ride in a large arena with jumps, a smaller arena, or work your horse in a round pen. There is a place to tie your horses (though only a few), and a picnic table in the shade. The arena has sprinklers which are used to control dust when it's very dry. You'll find public restrooms here as well.

Parking is limited to a small stretch of Palos Verdes Dr. East.

Follow this link to open a new window for the rules of the use of this park.

Dapplegray park

main arena in the background

Dapplegray Park hitching posts

a place to tie your horses

a Pony Club member waits in front of the round pen

a Pony Club member waits in front of the round pen

Dapplegray main arena

Dapplegray main arena

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