Horseback Riding
at the Palos Verdes Stables

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Palos Verdes Stables
4057 Via Opata, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Horse Boarding

Over sixty horses live at the Palos Verdes Stables. Box stalls are 12' by 12' and have automatic waterers and tack lockers in each stall. Bedding is wood shavings and horses are fed twice daily. Stalls are cleaned twice daily.

There are some in and outs.

a box stall costs $470 per month for PVE residents and $500 for non-residents.
an in and out costs $480 per month for PVE residents and $510 for non-residents

Palos Verdes Stables large arena

looking toward the large arena

There is a waiting list for boarding, and Palos Verdes Estates residents are given priority when stalls become available. I left multiple phone messages requesting information about boarding, but my calls weren't returned. Apparently the way to communicate is in writing, either by regular mail or by leaving a note in Diana Winkler's mail box at the stables.

You must submit your request for boarding in writing and include the following:

Phone (day and evening)
Date of request
If you are a PVE resident and wish to receive preference you must include a copy of your current utility bill as proof of residency.

Palos Verdes Stables barn aisle

a barn aisle


There are three arenas, two are lighted. The large arena has jumps. There is a round pen and two day pens. Here are rules that are posted for the large arena and small arena.

The stables has on site security 24 hours a day.

an arena used for turnout

an arena used for turnout

Horseback Riding Lessons

PV Stables has lesson horses available so it is possible to take lessons without owning your own horse.

Contact Teresa Bartko for English lessons at

looking toward the small arena

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