Icelandic Horse Names
from Norse Mythology

Here are some Icelandic horse names from Norse mythology which came from a naming scheme for a computer network. I have to say I find the idea of naming English-speaking people's computers things like Jotunheim and Muspellheim delightfully humorous.

Of all the Icelandic horse names I have considered I find these to be the most interesting. Icelandic mare

an Icelandic mare

Norse Gods

Name Alias Meaning
Aegir Hler god of the sea
Alaisiagae Nordic war goddess
Astrild goddess of love
Atla water goddess
Balder god of beauty
Bragi god of eloquence
Eastre Frigga(?)Saxon goddess resurrection of nature
Eir goddess of healing
Elli goddess of old age
Forsetti god of meditation
Freya a goddess of fertility and love
Freyr god of sun and rain
Frigg a goddess of fertility and love
Gefion a fertility goddess
Heimdall god of light, guards bifrost
Hodur Hod god of darkness
Holler god of death and destruction
Idun goddess of eternal youth
Laga goddess of wells and springs
Lofn goddess of illicit love
Loki god of fire (trickster)
Niord god of Summer
Njord god of winds, sea and fire
Odin Wuotan, Woden All other gods are descendants of Odin
Ran goddess of storms
Saga goddess of poetry and history
Skadi goddess of winter and hunting
Snotra goddess of virtue and master of all knowedge
Syn goddess that guarded the door of Frigg's palace
Thor god (ruler) of the sky and thunder
Tyr Tiu, Ziu god of war
Ull god of justice and dueling
Uller god of winter
Vali sole purpose is to vengeance upon Loki for Balder's death
Var Vor a goddess of marriage
Vidar god of silence and revenge
Vili hall of Vidar located in Asgard
Vidar only god to survive Ragnarok. Avenges Odin's death


Balmung Odin's sword
Gungnir spear of Odin
Mjollnir the hammer of Thor

Norse Mythology Names

Alfrodull The sun. A chariot pursued by Skoll
Ask and Embla First man and woman. Created by Odin, Ve and Vili. Lived in Midgard.
Beldegg son of Odin, king of West Saxony
Dagur personification of the day
Fenrir a gigantic wolf on Ragnarok who kills Odin
Ganglere "Tired of Walking" name used by king Gylfe
Gjallar the horn carried by Heimdall will sound at Ragnarok
Glen husband of Sol
Glut first wife of Loki
Gna messenger of Frigg
Gotterdammerung doom of the Norse gods (Ragnarok)
Hermod messenger of the gods
Jarl first of the race of warriors
Lif and Lifthrasir the two human survivors of Ragnarok
Miming minor forest god
Mimir wisest god of the Aesir "talking head"
Nidhogg monstrous serpent trying to destroy Yggdrasil
Ragnarok the final battle, the end
Sif wife of Thor
Yggdrasil giant ash tree that links and shelters all of the worlds

Giants in Norse Mythology

Geirrod a frost giant
Gerd a beautiful giant, an earth goddess
Hymir a sea giant
Jormungand serpent giant
Mjollnir a Norse giant father of Sol and Mani (sun and moon)
Surt a fire giant, destroys the world during ragnarok
Thiazi a giant
a giant primordial giant, creator of the frost giants

paint horse

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